Fishing Conditions

Chaumont Bay REPORT


Locked up for good now with 10-14 inches of rock hard ice.  All of the slush that formed over the weekend is frozen now putting fourwheelers back in action!  Trucks were spotted on Johnson's today! The Ice is great for traveling and trying new areas.

The perch bite in flurries, same for the walleyes.  Lots of Pickerel and Pike around.  Vast areas of the bay are not being explored.  Guys need to spread out and find their own fish.  I hit a spot last nite far from the crowd.  Perch were fussy for me yesterday..vexilar was lit up but they wouldnt eat.  Aggressive jigging with a jiggin rap was the best method.  An 8lb walleye crushed the rapala at 5 oclock…right on schedule.  Ended up with just a dozen jumbo perch.

Guffin Bay


6-8 inches… catch reports so far!

Mud Bay

Unknown….gotta be ice around!


The bait tanks are full!
Wild golden shiners, eastern silverys, killies, fatheads, all in assorted sizes!


We will be open at 6am normally this winter earlier if need be especially during derbys…….the hours on our homepage are not editable….call me if you need bait earlier!

The NYS Winter Classic is now under way…January 1st thru Feb 22nd 2015

Chaumont Hardware is your official weigh in station for the area!  This is a Fishing tournament, not an "Ice" event….so get fishing! and

More details in the fishing derby section!

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  We have shacks boxed and preassembled, augers, tip ups, northland tackle, pk lures, swedish pimples, and so much more.  The bait tanks will be full by weeks end.  We have a perch bait selection like no other and plenty of golden shiners.


Other things you should know about Chaumont Hardware:  We stock:

Wood Pellets*Solar Salt*Firewood*Soils*Mulch*Bedding*Concrete*Lumber*Electrical and Plumbing supplies*Rental Equipment*Manlifts*Skidsteers*Water Pump Repair*Window and Screen Repair just to name a few!…lol

Perch are in big demand this winter.  whole fish prices should be decent for large perch and there will even be a market for small perch down to 6 1/2 inches.

We will continue to update daily if not several times daily, so keep in touch.  For personal attention, text Greg  315-783-5482 anytime before 6pm daily.