Fishing Conditions

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Golden Shiners, Fatheads, Roseys, Spikes, Worms, and Jigs!



Saturday Afternoon  4/19/14

We will be closing at noon on Easter Sunday!

Mostly ice free but with shifting ice feilds, the Perch bite has heated up in Three Mile Bay.  The usual area near the mouth and towards Bourcy Shores.  Small boats can launch on route 12e in the village of Three Mile Bay.  It is just a short run out to the mouth.  15 ft of water as a rule. 

Guffins Bay is iced up mostly from the creek to the head of Salubrious, with vast drifting ice fields from there to Henderson Harbor. 

Black River Bay is open shore to shore from Horse Island in to dexter.  The Black River is at flood stage and dropping.  

Boating for now should be limited to small vessels and canoes, due to debris and ice still drifting around.  Dont forget to wear your life jacket at all times. 

One of the best early bullhead spots is Dexter Marsh.  Use a canoe or rowboat to find schools of bullheads or fishing from shore can be productive at times. 

Chaumont River also presents miles of early bullhead and crappie fishing!


We will continue to update daily if not several times daily, so keep in touch.  For personal attention, call or text Greg  315-783-5482 anytime before 6pm daily.