Fishing Conditions

Chaumont Bay 2/3/16

We are now open at 6am daily…5:30am on Saturdays

Lyme derby has been moved to Feb 27th and's just not looking good for this weekend at this point.  The ice is ok and will survive, but getting machines on will be difficult.  I recommend just foot traffic for now.  Pressure cracks tend to open and shorelines are busted…next week is cold and we should be in good shape by the weekend for machines again.


Zach just strapped on some cleats and grabbed and ion, parked at the beach and headed out..he found 8 inches on average all the way to Herricks Grove staying several hundred yards from shore.  On his way back he found a bad spot where the chaumont river meets the creek coming from near the boat launch…directly in the path as if a wheeler was to head from the beach toward johnsons…only 1 inch.  So..we have ice…it is tricky to get on in places…I would not advise machines or going out alone..we will be more confident in a few days when the runoff subsides and we get a few cold nites.  Private access off duck harbor and point selub should put you on 8 inches of ice quickly….but be carefull of holes and cracks that may have opened as the water swirled down thru to get under the ice.

Please be careful….chaumont bay is very large..conditions are not the same everywhere…if you are new to the area…stick with the crowd!

Parking is being maintained at the boat launch and Parking also is available at the village beach….take left on bayview drive across from tennis court.


Large gold shiners, walleye shiners, and perch bait are in stock….

We are of course a Dealer and Repair center for Jiffy!  We also service all other brands!

PERCH are in big demand again this yr.!…fish can be sold in chaumont behind the ice cream shop formerly harv's…775-6315…And also by contacting Thousand Islands Fishery near alex both places tend to buy from sundown for a couple hours after.

Our bait shop is full of live bait as demand dictates and open 7 DAYS A WEEK!   649-2959

Need to know more? Texts only to 315-783-5482 (greg)   6am-6pm only!

We will be open at 7am normally come hardwater time, earlier as demand dictates …….the hours on our homepage are not editable….text me if you need bait earlier!

  Other things you should know about Chaumont Hardware:  We stock:

Wood Pellets*Solar Salt*Firewood*Soils*Mulch*Bedding*Concrete*Lumber*Electrical and Plumbing supplies*Rental Equipment*Manlifts*Skidsteers*Water Pump Repair*Window and Screen Repair just to name a few!…lol