Fishing Conditions



Its been a chilly and damp for the past 7 days…fishing was good inshore before the weather kept most fisherman away.  This weeks warm up should put some boats on the water and we'll be able to gather more info on what's going on.

The perch should be pretty well spawned out and dispersing now…chaumont river side of johnson's should be a funnel for fish heading out…they may still be in the river too.

Crappies are in the Chaumont river and just beginning to show up in places like 3 mile bay and sawmill bay.  The bullheads were in a week ago and should fire up again as the temps rise…again Chaumont river is full of them.  Large Cats have been caught headed into the river as well.  Guffins creek, carrying bay, and the isthmus bay are also known bullhead and catfish hotspots when the wind is right.

Dont forget…Bass may not even be targeted until the 3rd Sat in June.  They will be spawning soon and if off thier beds for just a few seconds….the gobies eat all the eggs.  Catch and release bass fishing is only allowed inland…not Lake Ontario and St Lawrence River. 

Walleye and Pike reopens this saturday and is gonna be a blast…cold water temps will keep the walleyes shallow but sluggish opening weekend.  Bombers or worm harnasses behind boards in 5 – 10 ft of water will be deadly.  Play the wind…pounding on shore is best…..from the green barn off selub across to herricks across to longpoint and all the way around to three mile bay….You'll have your limit by then!  If not…work middle shoal and the inside of herricks to fill the box. 

Our Walleye Population is doing very well and will be a great opener on the 1st Saturday in May!  Pike numbers are down but steady with most being caught in the spring.

Brown trout fishing near stony creek in henderson has been super once again this yr!

High numbers of Carp provide oppurtunities for bow fishing in the shallows and put up one hell of a fight on heavy tackle.  High numbers of carp can be harmful to other fish trying to spawn…so kill a few for the good of the fishery!  They make good garden fertilizer and Catfish bait.   Which by the way,  we also have awesome catfishing in the Chaumont River…peak is usually mid May thru late June in the shallows. 

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